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School Shoe Program

The School Shoe Program began in 1999 when a group of churches in Delaware County collected money through various special offerings to fund the program. Funds donated that first year allowed us to purchase several dozen pairs of shoes at retail price from a local store. The program has grown from several dozen pairs to 700 in 2014.

Our School Shoe Program provides children with a new pair of shoes to begin the new school year. The program is available to children of Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) families who reside in Delaware County and attend Delaware county schools. The program is also available to children attending the LEADS Head Start program.

The project begins during the summer of each year, just in time to get children ready for the up-coming school year. Our Executive and Deputy Directors administer the program and keep accurate records of the recipients. At the conclusion of each season, a progress report is provided to major donors.


People In Need PIN Delaware County Ohio School Shoe Program The program is successful in part, because of our partnership with the Payless Shoe Corporation.  We order gift cards from Payless and they provide a 10% discount. Parents are given a $25.00 Payless gift card to purchase a pair of shoes for their child to begin the new school year.

The card can be redeemed for one pair of shoes up to the value of the card. After the completion of a standard application, the gift card is given to the client along with school supplies. There are no eligibility guidelines based on income.  Clients are only asked to produce a picture ID and proof of their Delaware County address.

When a child can go to school with a new pair of shoes and the appropriate school supplies, it increases his/her chances for success.  Parents have told us numerous times that if it weren’t for this program, their child(ren) would not have the supplies or new shoes to start the year off right.