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Emergency Eviction Avoidance

Limited rent assistance is provided to individuals and families unable to pay their rent and facing eviction.

Clients requesting assistance are required to complete an application and undergo an interview with the appropriate PIN staff.

Client files are maintained to ensure non-duplication of services and that our frequency guidelines for each service are followed. 


It is important to note that no monies are exchanged between this agency and the client. Instead, we utilize a voucher system.  Emergency rent assistance is negotiated in writing to guarantee that the partial payment PIN is able to make (based on available funding) will prevent eviction.  An agreement letter is sent to the landlord detailing the terms and dollar amount.  The landlord signs the letter and is issued a voucher on the client's behalf . The voucher is returned to PIN for payment. PIN has a long-standing working relationship with local rental agents and landlords who are willing to accept the partial payment and work out a payment plan with their tenants.