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A Delaware County resident who seeks financial assistance with a prescription is instructed to make an appointment with People In Need (PIN).  The client is required to bring a picture identification,  proof of their Delaware County address and the pharmacy generated duplicate label.  After completing an application for assistance and a brief assessment, the client is given a voucher to bring to the appropriate pharmacy. The client’s file is documented with the date and type of service received. Prescription assistance is limited and frequency guidelines are in place.  The prescription assistance program is designed for emergency assistance and not for ongoing support.


PIN has a working relationship with many local pharmacies in the area to provide these services.  In addition to offering assistance on the actual prescription, PIN also provides referral information to clients for appropriate long term assistance through the drug manufacturer’s indigent programs.  The client is also given a prescription discount card issued from Family Wise, Mid-Atlantic Benefits, USA Drug Plan, Free Rx Plus., and others as they become available.

This program can also be used to obtain medical appliances such as wrist braces, etc.