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Your Donation at Work

When a donation is made to PIN, the donor has the option of specifying how the donation should be utilized.  The options available are:

  1. The donation can be directed to a specific existing PIN program.  For example, if the donor wanted the funds to be directed to the Food Pantry or the Holiday Clearing House, PIN will honor that request.

  2. The donation can be a "General Donation" that allows PIN to utilize the funds in the program area where it is needed the most.  This is PIN's preferred donation method as it allows us to respond the needs of our clients most effectively.

  3. The donation can be directed to the PIN Endowment Fund.  This fund is managed by the Delaware County Foundation.  By donating to the Endowment Fund, the gift can be utilized to provide a longer term, stable funding source for the People In Need programs.

  4. The donor can specify that funds be split between any of the options identified above.