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Dental Assistance

Since 1997 People In Need, Inc. of Delaware County Ohio (PIN) has been providing Emergency Dental Care assistance to residents of Delaware County Ohio.

Our strategy for implementing a successful program has been to partner with local dentists that are familiar with our agency and this specific program. The doctors agree to be as cost effective as possible to ensure that the maximum number of clients receive care. The doctors also agree to accept our voucher system of reimbursement and often provide services for less than retail costs.


A Delaware County resident who seeks financial assistance with a dental problem is instructed to make an appointment with one of our participating dentists. An appointment with PIN is scheduled and the client is required to bring a picture identification and proof of their current Delaware County address.  After completing an application for assistance and a brief assessment, the client is issued a voucher to give to the doctor at the scheduled appointment. The client’s file is documented with the date and type of service received. Most dental practices offer a payment plan for patients.  Our goal is to  assist the client with the initial emergency treatment and allow them to develop a relationship with the dentist and make their own arrangements for additional treatment.  We limit this service to once in a lifetime for each client.